New BC Services Card

ICBC is a partner with government on the new BC Services Card program that will be implemented on February 15, 2013.

The BC Services Card is a secure, government-issued identification that will allow the card holder to access provincial government services, beginning with the Medical Services Plan.

Card Features

The card design includes security features to help protect the card holder from identity theft and help prevent misuse of government services. Features include:

  • an embedded chip (similar to the ones used by debit cards) that stores no personal information and can be de-activated if stolen.
  • In the future, the card can be used with a card reader at a point of service (e.g., medical clinic) to help validate the card holder’s identity.
  • Cards have an expiry date clearly indicated on the front.

There are three types of BC Services Card:

  1. A photo (for those 19 years of age and older and 75 years of age and under).
  2. A combined photo BC driver’s licence and services card (with a brand new background) — British Columbia will be the first province in North America to have a chip embedded in a driver’s licence when combined with a Services Card.
  3. Non-photo for those under 19 years and over 75 or for those exempt from a photo BC Services Card.

The attached brochure provides further details and samples of all cards that will be in circulation on February 15.

The government web site,, provides information on how to apply for a card along with an overview of the features of each card type.

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